Why DSB Bookkeeping?

We’re not just your bookkeepers, we’re partners in your business’ success.

There’s a misconception that bookkeeping is simple data entry. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Bookkeeping is defined as a regimented process that usually occurs in monthly cycles consisting of entering transactions into the financial journals of a business, remitting and recording the passage of monies, entry into the general ledgers or records of a business, making adjustments, and preparing reports for a business owner. We specialize in what we like to call “full charge” bookkeeping. We cover all the bases associated with creating that essential financial snapshot for you while keeping you and your business compliant and on course.

Our value proposition is simple:

  • We have a seasoned and veteran bookkeeping team that is experienced and adept at dealing with all tax branches of government and other financial sources for your business. We’re your personal resource for anything related to your business on a financial operation level.
  • We’re not just data entry clerks. We proactively look for ways to streamline and simplify your accounting and not only keep you financially compliant, but listen to your expectations and understand your business’ goals.
  • We consider ourselves your bridge to the CRA, your employees, and your creditors. We have a comparable role in your business as a lawyer. Filing tax reports (provincial and federal) and remitting payments are non negotiable important items in any bookkeeping calendar. Knowing your tax calendar and avoiding penalties while operating your business is unnecessarily difficult. Leave it to us.
  • We give you the information you need to gauge spending, and make important adaptive decisions for your business — like hiring employees, purchasing equipment, or increasing your marketing budget. Our approach is consultative with a keen focus on precision and accuracy.
  • We come to you. We offer pick up and delivery of the essentials that both we need (expenses, receipts, registered mail from the CRA), and which you require (i.e. checks, reports, etc).

Starting — let alone operating — a small business is a big task. DSB Bookeeping lets you focus on what’s really important. Request a consultation or contact us to learn how we can become your business partner in success.